You, then everything else!

Everyone is always on the go. Always "too busy" or "worked off their feet! I DON'T HAVE TIME!" ... NO YOU'RE NOT MAKING TIME FOR WHAT MATTERS!

Now this isn't going to be a post about making people try to manage their time better or get up earlier no. This is about PERSPECTIVE.

Your boss would hire someone the next day god forbid something would happen to you.

Your kids and pets wouldn't have anyone to help them daily if you weren't healthy and fit.

🧼 The cleaning and shopping can wait. You're more interested in setting the foundations of your house right than setting the foundations of your life right.

& there are many many more "Things" that can be at the bottom of the list yet we put them at the top.

Keep in mind that YOU are what counts. YOU need to be 100% and to be 100% you need to focus on what goes into your body and how you carry your body around on a daily basis!

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