Master Your Mood

MYM. Master your mood. A simple term, but not an easy one to grasp. Things can be simple, like take fat loss for example. It's a calorie deficit, brilliant! Simple! But not easy. Why? Because many variables take place from psychological to physiological. The most important variable is that we are all DIFFERENT and one size most definitely does not fit all.

Science says it does, to keep things statistically correct and simple.

But life does not, as life is far from simple. So is your mood, let's dive in...

The one thing that, as Dave likes to say "Grinds his P!ss" is when people talk about " I don't have any motivation at the moment " or " I don't feel motivated "

You ( and us writing this there blog post ) are never going to be motivated all of the time. What you are doing here is letting your MOOD dictate your life and your results long term. Your MOOD can be changed with simple routine based structures like writing a to do list of things daily you hate doing out, eating cleaner, waking earlier and sleeping earlier, drinking more water, exercise, reading, meditation, disconnecting from negative / drama fuelled people, exiting a job you loathe and more.

So we have Four simple things that you should do daily, to Master Your Mood

1:) Always wash. It sounds silly right? But did you ever come across someone who has been hit with depression and they say "I've been in bed all day, I haven't even washed". Washing first thing wakes you up and gets your body primed for the day ahead. - If you're brave enough whack it on cold for 15-30 seconds at the end that'll definitely do the trick (our clients know ).

2:) Make your bed & Clean your room. Again, sounds trivial right? Psychologist Jordan Peterson has used this simple task with thousands of individuals in his practises, having a patient clean their room the moment they wake up before their coffee or bowl of crunchy nut, gets them ORGANISED for the day. "A tidy room, a tidy mind."

3:) Exercise before your day starts. Everyone always says they don't have time. This is generally due to work, kids and other commitments. These commitments aren't going away right? Nobody is paying your mortgage for you, nobody is taking the kids to school for you or doing homework etc. So exercise. Get up EARLIER and go to bed EARLIER and MAKE time to exercise. Minimum of 5 Minutes in the morning*. This will then give you the drive to train later in the day having already done so. - You may be thinking, how is 5 minutes going to get me in shape , it's not. But it will get your MIND in shape which is more important than a 6 pac every day of the week. Even if it's a walk to your local shop and back. GO.

4:) You Time. You need to make time for YOU. Be that exercising as above, reading, writing down an ideal day ahead, listening to music and meditating, anything that isn't KIDS / WORK / PARTNER / PHONE etc. So we recommend when your alarm goes off, first thing, sit up and turn your phone on aeroplane mode. Whilst sitting up before you go on any device, run for a coffee or breakfast just think of 3 things you're GRATEFUL for. Things that are trivial to most, but if we didn't have them, we would sure struggle. And there are people out there that do, let us tell ya.

Master your mood. Master your routines. Master your drive to be better.

Eventually, you'll master motivation. Realising it's hardly ever there! It's the routine and day to day stuff you do which keep you going for when it's not. And when it is? Bloody well enjoy.

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