Gratitude = Happiness.

We read earlier this morning that being greatful is one of the simple keys to daily happiness. ( We couldn't think of any ways to express gratitude so we googled one and copied 🤣 )

Ask yourself these simple questions, Do you have a roof over your head? Food in your belly? A healthy family? A bed you sleep in every night? Heating at home?

All of these "trivial" things, wouldn't be so trivial if they were taken away. Did you know that just by having the above you're already winning? You've already got everything you need. Everything you WANT is different. But you have the few things at your fingertips that almost 40% of the world don't have

Be positive. Think positive. There's always a brighter side to every day, no matter how full of problems it may seem, focus on finding a solution. Because nobody ever found a solution by moaning about the problem.

You've got this. Smash your Monday and dictate the vibe for the rest of the week

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