Escapism in 2021

This is our first Mindset Monday in 2021. Which means one simple thing, we start as we mean to go on. A new chapter in the book that is your life.

Let's talk Escapism. A word which has been thrown around the office over the last few days. What is Escapsim? More importantly, what is YOUR Escapism and is it healthy for you?

Do you, drink or smoke when stressed too escape stress?

Do you, Consistently get in and out of relationships because you don't like being alone?

Do you scroll through social media all day and night and constantly live in a virtual world over the real world?

Do you eat out of sheer boredom?

The question is what are you stimulating your mind, body and life with to escape reality.

Now let's look at some positive Escapism concepts you could easily replace the above with.

Walking in nature with your family / Friends / alone taking time out from your phone and devices.

Reading or listening to books. Expanding your knowledge and allowing you to be still for even just 20 minutes a day in such a "busy" world.

Eating and Drinking cleaner to allow for better energy levels, sleep, hormonal regulations and discipline in your life.

Exercising more and less Netflix binging.

Escapism in life is positive or negative. It either drives you forward or drags you backwards. You have a CHOICE what you do for yourself.

If that's "I've been to busy with work and the kids so I'll just have a few glasses of wine amd a takeaway" - To someone else with the same working hours, kids and stresses could be " I'm going to go to bed early so I can be up earlier and smash a workout and cook clean food. Work and the kids have stressed me out so I need to be on point and full of beans."

Perspective is the key. Self honesty will tell you whether your escapism routines are good for you or not. Instill the right ones, choose the ones which will drive you forward, and be a happier / better version of you in 2021.

Just some food for thought before you kill it in 2021. Now let's smash it

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